New Blogger | Ayesha

Hello everyone! So as some of you may of noticed, there have only been four names in our list of bloggers and in our About page for a little while now, because Bobbi had decided to leave Girls Squad Blog. However, now, we have a new blogger who will be posting on Friday’s as Bobbi used to! We have been friends with Ayesha for quite a while now, so we decided to ask her whether she would like to join, and she agreed! So here’s Ayesha’s intro!
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How to get fit

imageGetting fit is hard to do, but can give you great results! Do remember though, everyone is different so not everyone will be able to lose lots of weight or be as agile as others.

1. Go on runs. Running is free, and you can also breathe the fresh air. It really gets your heart pumping.

2. Have a go at any sport. Taking up a new sport will burn lots of energy and may even show you a talent you didn’t know was in you.

3. Eat healthily. You do not have to go crazy on dieting, but just cutting down on junk food, sweets and chocolate will help. It is also better for your heart to eat healthily.

4. Do stretches/ exercises. Otherwise, you will become stiff, and part of becoming fit is having good strong muscles.

5. Get lots of sleep. Surprisingly, you burn lots of calories whilst you are asleep! It will also give you lots of energy for the following day.

6. Drink lots of water and hydrate. Water fills you up, so you may be thinking that you need some food, but water will help.


Charlotte xo

Stationary Favourites

Hello! Lately I’ve been really loving bullet journaling and planning, not only because it helps keep me organised, but also because the extra doodles and designs you can add make it all the more fun. To do these doodles though, I need stationary, so I decided to do a post on stationary I’ve been loving and using a lot lately!

*I have not been sponsored to talk about any of these products 

First up on my list of stationary is this pilot fountain pen, which I received a little while ago. This pen is so nice to write with and also looks really nice as well. The pen I chose is so simple but it looks really professional and classy, which I love! The ink I use is good as well because there is little bleeding and the ink doesn’t tend to blotch when writing as some fountain pens I’ve used, have done (though that also depends on the paper used).

Next, I’m moving onto the pens that I’ve seen a lot of people using (and I can see why), and it’s the Stabilo Point 88 pens. I bought these pens quite a while ago, and yet most of them still work with plenty of ink left (and that’s not because I’ve not be using them). These pens are so long-lasting and make writing a simple sentence look really nice due to the bright range of colours available. The pack I purchased came with the colours: black, brown, dark blue, purple, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, pink and red. I use them for pretty much everything, though I mainly use them for keeping my planner tasks and notes colour-coded and pretty, as well as for little doodles (though I don’t use them for colouring in, I use the next item for that). I got them quite a while ago but I think they cost around £10-£13 but they were definitely worth it.

My next stationary item, is these felt-tip pens! I love these pens because they can be used for so many things. The nib is thin enough that you can use them to write with, but they are thick enough to use as a coloured pen without it taking forever haha. I actually can’t remember where I bought these because I purchased them quite a while ago (again, like the Stabilo pens they are quite long-lasting), but they are the triplus colour 323 pens by Staedtler. I’m not sure what price I bought them at though.

Another thing I wanted to mention is Biros which I use frequently! These can be purchased anywhere and for super cheap prices, which I think is really good because I’m always buying (and losing) these. I bought these ones by BIC and have used them (both in blue and black) for quite a while! I always carry pens around with me in my bag because you never know when you’ll need one so these are so useful to have.  

I also purchased these coloured biros as well which I really love. They’re also from BIC and came in quite a few colours which was nice so I’d definitely recommend these. 

That’s a few of my stationary favourites! I only did pens so if you want another stationary favourites post with other items then make sure to comment and let me know! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Tia xo

Tag Tuesday | I Am Currently…

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday, which means another Tag Tuesday, and this time, I decided that it would be more fun if I created my own tag, like I did over in this post. I first got the idea for this tag when I was going through my old copy of The Pointless Book 2 by Alfie Deyes, and thought that it would make a really fun tag, so I decided to create one! I also saw something similar to this on a couple other blogs I read! Anyway, here are the questions!

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Monthly Favourites | April

 It being the last day of April, it’s only fitting that today’s post be a monthly favourites, so I can share all the things I’ve been loving lately in the month of April. April has been a pretty good month for me, what with watching Adam Lambert (my favourite singer) live in concert, and also setting up my own blog, so there are quite a few things for me to get into!

First up is blogging. Having been writing posts for this blog for a month, I can say that I am honestly loving blogging, so with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to set up my own blog, which I named Tia Types. I created another WordPress account, chose a domain (I decided to stick with “” for now), selected a theme and I was done! Since then I’ve tried to post on there at least twice a week, so blogging has been taking up a lot of my time lately, though I do love it as I said, so I’m not complaining! If you’ve been finding that you’ve had a lot of free time lately, and don’t know what to do with it, then I’d definitely recommend setting up a blog. It’s so easy to get started and being a writer, I am finding it to be a really fun and enjoyable way of spending my free time. That being said, I also can’t wait to start sharing more content with you guys both on here and also on my own blog!

Another thing I love to do in my free time is reading, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite books with you all. A series I’ve read thousands of times, is the Harry Potter series, written by J.K Rowling. This month, I’ve been trying to reread the whole series again, but this time in order, as I finally own all of the books myself. I’m currently at the 5th book in the series, The Order of the Phoenix, and am loving it, despite having read it quite a number of times. If you are in need of a new book then I’d definitely recommend picking up the first book in the Harry Potter series, no matter what age you are! For a lighter, teen fiction read, Laura and I would also recommend the series Geek Girl, all about Harriet Manners, a geek, who is recognised by a modelling agency. This story is really unique, carrying a brilliant message, and I really enjoyed it, despite that I usually read YA Fiction, rather than teen.

Now I’m going to move onto stationary and other random objects that I’ve loved lately! A little while ago, I was given a Pilot fountain pen, as a gift, and I’ve been loving it! It writes so well and is such good quality, compared to the one I was using before. I’ve always loved using fountain pens, so getting a new one as a gift made me super happy! I mainly use this in my bullet journal, which I use almost daily, so I’ve definitely been making good use out of it and if you do enjoy writing and stationary then I’d recommend purchasing a fountain pen.

Another stationary product I’ve been using a lot lately is my A5 notebook, which I’ve been using as a BuJo (bullet journal). I love doodling and making lists so when I first heard of the bullet journal, I knew it was something I had to try out! I purchased a 50 page, A5 notebook, and set to work, setting up a key, index pages and some pages for blog planning, which is actually what I’ve been using it for the most. Being involved in two blogs now, it can be quite confusing sometimes planning posts, so the system I’ve been using has been quite useful. I’m also planning on trying out a system I saw yesterday on this post by Lilly Pebbles, which is the PTSFT idea. This stands for Photos, Text, Scheduled, Facebook, Twitter, which I really like the idea of, though I’ll probably adapt to PTSTI (photos, text, scheduled, twitter, instagram). It’s been quite useful lately, so I’ll definitely be carrying that over to the month of May. If you want to start up your own bullet journal, I’d also recommend checking out Boho Berry for some tips and ideas on how to start up your own BuJo.

I also want to mention a concert I went to, which has to go in my monthly favourites. As you may already of seen, Gemma and I went to see Adam lambert live, on The Original High Tour, and it was incredible! We had such an amazing time and I would ramble on about the concert for hours if I could haha. However, because there’s already a whole blog post about it, I won’t ramble on except to link the post here, so you can read all about it if you wish (and also watch the video clips we took during the show).

I know that’s only a few but that’s my monthly favourites for April! I can’t wait to see what May brings for me! And in the meantime, what are your favourites from April? Have you used or experienced any of the things I’ve mentioned?

Tia xo

Tag Tuesday|The Bestfriend Tag


It’s Missy and Gemma here! It’s another Tuesday which means that it is time for our second Tag Tuesday! This Tuesday, because we’ve been best friends for so long, we decided to do the Best Friend Tag!

We hope you enjoy it!

*Seeing as this is a collab, we decided to do every other question, so we will have our names next to our answers so you know who’s typing.

Let’s get going!

How and when did you meet?

Missy: We met in reception during our first break time. We started talking (as much as 4 year olds do) and became really good friends.

What were your first impressions of your friend?

Gemma: My first impression of Missy was that she was kinda weird but looked really nice.

What’s your favourite memory together?

Missy: I think it would have to be one from not that long ago. During a lesson Gemma’s tummy was rumbling. It wasn’t that loud so only she and I could hear it. She asked me if I had any food but I only had a Polo mint. In the end she had it but a few minutes after I gave it to her, her tummy rumbled so loudly and we just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop.

Describe each other in one word.

Gemma: Loud

One thing that annoys you about the other person.

Missy: I think that annoys me about Gemma is that she is so hard to prank but she can prank me really easily.
One thing you love about the other person.

Gemma: Missy never fails to make me laugh.

If you could go anywhere in the world together where would it be?

Missy: We would probably go to LA because that is our dream.

Favourite inside joke.

Gemma: Ham.

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Missy: Definitely Gemma. She wakes up later than me and spends more time on her makeup.

What’s the other person’s eye colour? (Don’t cheat!)

Gemma: Blue

Thank you so much for reading. You can use these questions if you want to do this tag. Please let us know if you have a go.

See you next week
Missy and Gemma xo

What’s In My Bag? 

Hi guys! It’s Tia here! So this is my first ever post on this blog, and I’ve decided to write about some of the things that are usually in my everyday bag and my essentials for when I go out. I would just like to say, that, this doesn’t include things like my phone and purse, and also, I am not sponsored to mention anything mentioned, they are just things that I have genuinely loved lately. So without further rambling from me, here’s what’s in my bag!

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