How to make melted crayon art!

Hey guys! 

Today I’m sharing with you how to do melted crayon art. You’ve probably seen this on Pinterest or other social media before so I’m going to show you in a few easy steps, how to make it.

How to make it:

1. Take a canvas of the size and shape of your choice and get some crayons.

2. Arrange your crayons on the canvas in whatever shape you want.

3. When you are happy with your shape, use a glue gun to stick them down (this does take a while!)

4. Once everything is stuck down, take a hairdryer and make sure it is on the hottest heat. Move the hairdryer around the crayons until you are satisfied with the result.

Remember! There is no right or wrong way to do this so be as creative as you can!

Hope you guys liked this!

See you next week.

Gemma xx


Party Planning | 5 food hacks


This is a weird title (I know). By 5 food hacks I mean 5 ways to make catering easier. In this post I am going to be mentioning several shops which I haven’t been sponsored to talk about.

Let’s get going!!!

1. Buy food things from Waitrose, M&S or any other shop that does ready to cook meals. This enables you to have lots of fun with your guests and not have to worry about cooking.

2. Pre-prepare any Mocktail (recipes to come in another party planning post soon) components before your guests arrive so that you don’t have to be cutting raspberries when you could be dancing along to your favourite song.

3. Ask your friends to help you. If you can’t prepare things before hand make irfan but better for you. Make it a party activity and ask your friends to help you make the food.

4. Don’t choose complicated food. If your thinking of making something like a Thai chicken curry then look in the shops and see if they have any kits. Otherwise if you are wanting to make something like a sausage pasta bake then see if you can find something like it to make the making less complicated,

5. Use a timer. This is probably one of the most obvious things but if you are using a timer then you can have fun with your friends and not worry about looking at the clock to see if your food needs seeing to.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any party planning ideas or food post ideas then please let us know via our Instagram or in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

Missy xo

My top photography tips

Hey Gemma here,

Today I thought I’d share a passion of mine with you and give you a few tips if you are starting out on photography. Before we get started, you don’t need to go out and by a really expensive camera. Sometimes the cheaper cameras, or even your phone camera is better (I take all of my photos on my iPhone camera and I promise all photos I show in this post are mine)

First tip:

You can always get some sort of arty photo, no matter what the weather is like outside. For example, if it is raining, you could take a photo of raindrops on a flower, like this

This is a bad example of one but you can see the raindrops on the flowers.

Sometimes a cloudy sky is good because you could take a really good detail one of a lake with the detail of clouds. This could also make people think about the photo more.


Take every opportunity.

If you see potential in any landscape/ object. Some of my best photos have been ones that I’ve randomly snapped because I thought there was a bit of a chance of it turning out ok.


Don’t give up!

This may sound boring but it is so true. If you still haven’t been able to get that angle right or the focus right, keep trying, you will get there in the end.

4. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect picture’. Every image is special in it’s own way, some are just better than others!

Hope you found this useful. We’d really like to see your photos so tag @girlssquadblog on Instagram in your photos.

See you next week!

Gemma xx

Stationery Jar


It was recently Charlotte’s birthday and in this post I’m going to tell her what I did for her birthday present. Like my last present post I did a Kilner jar but this time I put in stationery because she loves it!

Let’s get going:

Kilner Jar from The Range.

Notebook from The Range.

Sticky highlighter strips from The Range (these act like highlights but you stick them rather than ‘colour’ them)

Girly Post-it notes from The Range.

Mini Sharpies from The Range.

Bear paper clips from The Range (tied with ribbon to keep them together).

Mini highlights from The Range.

Cute pen from Paperchase

Mini stationery rubbers from Paperchase.

One I had put that all in the jar, I wrote a little contents tag and tied it on with some ribbon.

The finished product.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have some more ideas for presents for your friends. If you do a Kilner jar for a friend or family member please make sure to post a pic on Instagram and tag us.

See you next week.

Missy xo 

Essential products you need to create a look for a party (beauty)

Hey Gemma here!

Today I thought I would share some essential and affordable products you need to create the perfect party look.


A long lasting powder (for example, my favourite drugstore powder is the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder.)

(My lid to this cracked) 😦

You don’t want your makeup to come off on a night out which is why I recommend you use one like this as it stays on for ages!


A nice long lasting perfume 

Obviously you’re going to want to smell nice all the time at a party so use a perfume such as the Emporio and Armani Diamonds perfume in rose (this is my favourite perfume)


Brow gel. It’s very important (for me) for my brows to stay in place all times which is why I love using the Rimmel brow this way clear brow gel. 

4. High pigment eyeshadow.

It’s really good to use high pigmented eyeshadow all the time but it’s especially important to when you are at a party as it will really make an impact and will be the wow factor of your look

I love the Tanya Burr eyeshadow pallets as I find they are very pigmented and last a long time 

Hope you found that useful and manage to create your perfect look for a night out.

See you next week

Gemma xx

Tag Tueday | What I love


Today I’m going to do one of our new tags ‘what I love’.

What is your fave item of clothing?

Right now I am loving jeans because they go with anything and they are so comfortable.

What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is by far chocolate. It is so yummy.

What is your favourite pair of shoes?

I love my white wedge sandals because they are so pretty and really comfortable. They look amazing too!!!

What is your favourite dance?

My favourite dance is either pointe ballet or street. They are both so much fun and I do them both with friends.

What is your favours Tv show?

My favourite Tv show is KUWTK. It’s so funny and so different from everyone else’s lives.

What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is dance Pe because hello it’s dance!!!
Sorry that this is short but I hope you like it.

Missy x 

Two on your toes


In this post I am going back to nail painting. I am going to teach you to do a diagonal colour join on your toes (it is much easier on your big toe). In this post I will be using Rimmel nail varnish which I haven’t been sponsored to talk about but I just love the finish and drying speed of it. (Warning there will be pictures of feet!)

Let’s get going 

I will be using :

2 nail varnishes

So here’s how to do it:

1:Paint each nail all over with the paler of the two colours that you are using and wait for them to dry.

If you can still see bits of your nail then do one more coat (no more)  

2: Now from the top corner of your nail start painting with the other colour until you get to the middle and try and make a neat line (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) 

 Sorry that this is quite a short post but I thought that it would be quite cute and useful.

Please let me know what else you’d like to see in this nail section. We’d love to see your own take on these nails so if you do do it, then make sure you take a picture and tag us (@girlssquadblog) on Twitter or Instagram! You can also use the hashtag @gsb_nails too!

See you next week,

Missy xx