What’s on my iPhone.


Note: Just wanted to say that for security reasons I have chosen not to say which iPhone I have and I have blurred out my service provider. I know call me a pecemist.

Today I wanted to show you what I have on my iPhone. This is my lock screen. I love this lock screen picture because it’s so cute and makes me happy!

Next we have my first page of my home screen. This picture was taken at Gemma’s party and it so cute. I have all my immediate things on here.

Next we have the second page with my most used apps like Snapchat, Instagram, musical.ly and WordPress. 

I love how Instagram is laid out. I think that it is really pretty. If you aren’t following us on Instagram then please do (@girlssquadblog).

I am addicted to Snapchat so I had to include this. I love the filters!

Finally WordPress. I’m loving this app because I love blogging!

I hope that you liked this post! A bit different but I quite wanted to do it.

Missy xo


My top photography tips

Hey Gemma here,

Today I thought I’d share a passion of mine with you and give you a few tips if you are starting out on photography. Before we get started, you don’t need to go out and by a really expensive camera. Sometimes the cheaper cameras, or even your phone camera is better (I take all of my photos on my iPhone camera and I promise all photos I show in this post are mine)

First tip:

You can always get some sort of arty photo, no matter what the weather is like outside. For example, if it is raining, you could take a photo of raindrops on a flower, like this

This is a bad example of one but you can see the raindrops on the flowers.

Sometimes a cloudy sky is good because you could take a really good detail one of a lake with the detail of clouds. This could also make people think about the photo more.


Take every opportunity.

If you see potential in any landscape/ object. Some of my best photos have been ones that I’ve randomly snapped because I thought there was a bit of a chance of it turning out ok.


Don’t give up!

This may sound boring but it is so true. If you still haven’t been able to get that angle right or the focus right, keep trying, you will get there in the end.

4. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect picture’. Every image is special in it’s own way, some are just better than others!

Hope you found this useful. We’d really like to see your photos so tag @girlssquadblog on Instagram in your photos.

See you next week!

Gemma xx

Two on your toes


In this post I am going back to nail painting. I am going to teach you to do a diagonal colour join on your toes (it is much easier on your big toe). In this post I will be using Rimmel nail varnish which I haven’t been sponsored to talk about but I just love the finish and drying speed of it. (Warning there will be pictures of feet!)

Let’s get going 

I will be using :

2 nail varnishes

So here’s how to do it:

1:Paint each nail all over with the paler of the two colours that you are using and wait for them to dry.

If you can still see bits of your nail then do one more coat (no more)  

2: Now from the top corner of your nail start painting with the other colour until you get to the middle and try and make a neat line (it doesn’t have to be perfect!) 

 Sorry that this is quite a short post but I thought that it would be quite cute and useful.

Please let me know what else you’d like to see in this nail section. We’d love to see your own take on these nails so if you do do it, then make sure you take a picture and tag us (@girlssquadblog) on Twitter or Instagram! You can also use the hashtag @gsb_nails too!

See you next week,

Missy xx

DIY Birthday Presents


In this post I am going to show you one DIY Birthday present🎁 that I am doing for my friend👭. You can adapt this to suit the person you are giving the present to. I also want to say that I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of these products. They are just things I thought were cute😊.

The person I am giving this present to is a massive fan of BAKING!🎂

I have got her:

A blue Kilner jar (The Range £3.49)

Some measuring spoons (Lakeland £3.49)

A set that was cupcake cases and little flags (The Range £1.49)

Some flower cookie cutters (The Range £1.99)

Mini fudge cubes (Lakeland £ 2.39)


Finally, some edible confetti (Lakeland £1.49)


I opened the Kilner jar and put the measuring spoons in first. 

I next put in the confetti 

 Then the cookie cutters

 Then the little flag things

  The fudge was next  

Finally the cupcake cases

 I then wrote a little contents tag and hole punched it

Next I measured string around the jar ,

 Cut it and tied the contents sheet on

This is the present that I’m givin to my friend. If you make something like this then please post it on Instagram and tag us @girlssquadblog and please use the hashtag #gsbdiypresent.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.

See you soon

Bye 🙊 Missy 

Party Planning | Themes

Hey, Welcome to the Party Planning series. I will be posting something new in this series every 3 weeks ish but it might become more regular. I am going to start with themes. In my opinion every party needs a theme so here are some suggestions if you are looking for one. Each theme will include some decorations, clothes options and invitation templates.

Number 1: Tumblr 

Decorations: I have chosen 3 decorations that I absolutely love!

Lanterns from Party Pieces 

Fairy lights in a Kilner Jar

3 heart shape candles

Clothing: I have picked these clothes from a picture I found on tumblr. I have chosen white shorts from Next, a flowery crop top from Wet Seal (Florida), nude pumps from M&S and a white flower crown from Claire’s accessories.


Number 2: Garden Party

Decorations: These 3 decorations are amazing!

Jar garden lights

Light bunting 

Potted Flowers

Clothing: I have chosen something that to me says garden party. It is a white and blue floral printed dress and white wedges. These are both from New Look.


Number 3: Dance

Decorations: These aren’t specifically decorations but they are going to be used as them.

Pointe shoes

Tutu hanging

Dance quote photo show 

(Can be made on flipagram or musical.ly)

Clothing: I have chosen a tutu that can be bought from any dance store. This has been matched with pale pink tights and soft ballet shoes that can both be bought from any dance shop.


Number 4: Ball

Decorations: I have chosen 3 awesome things.


3 Wine glasses

Glass hanger

Clothing: I would wear this dress that used to be my Mum’s. It fits me so well and is from Monsoon. The shoes I have chosen are black low wedges from Next.


Number 5: Movies

Decorations: These are 3 things that you can find around your house.

DVD box skirting board

Film quotes

Box set food displays. (Careful what food you use 😂)

Clothing: I have chosen a maroon floor length dress from Début (originally my Mum’s) and paired it with black low wedges from Next.


I hope that I have given you some ideas for some party themes. If you use any of these themes or you have any other theme ideas please tag us in your pics on Twitter or Instagram (@girlssquadblog). 

See you next week.

Bye 🙂 Missy 

BTS| My exam pencil case.


I was really struggling with what to post this week so I decided to move away from style for the 2nd time but there will be a nail tutorial in a couple of weeks.

This week I joined Tia with a back to school post. Seeing as this post is close to the time where some or all of our readers will be taking exams, I thought I would show you what is in my exam pencil case.

The pencil case I am using is the clear pencil case from Helix with a pink zip. £1.50.

 In this pencil case I have the Maped open up 30cm ruler. £1.80.


I am using 4 pieces of equipment from the Helix flip free standing maths geometry set. I am using the compass, protractor and the two set squares. The entire set costs £8.80. 

 I am using 3 pencils from the Paper Mate non stop pencil set. £5.99.


 I am also using two of the pens from the Sarasa Gel 0.7mm retractable pack. The 5 pack costs £3.87.

   I love the tinc neon eraser bar. It rubs out really well and it will be joining everything in the pencil case. £2.50. 

 I am also using the mustard lippy markers (highlighters) £7. 

 The the last item I have in my exam pencil case is my Berol blue handwriting pen. The two pack is £2.79.

I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of these products but I love them all. 

I hope that I have helped you to think of some stuff that you might need for your exams. The girls and I wish those of you taking exams the best of luck. If you would like to, you can let us know how you did in your exams, what you put in your pencil case, any questions or ideas that you have about the future posts on this blog. Just tweet us 😦@girlssquadblog), comment on one of our Instagram pictures, or tag us (@girlssquadblog), or leave your comments below. 

Bye 🙊 Missy

Tag | 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi everyone, it’s Tia! So when I was coming up with a blog post idea, I decided to read through some other blogs, in order to try and get some inspiration, and I came across several bloggers who had posted a list of things that made them happy. I thought that was a really good idea, and decided to do this myself, and make it a tag! So I present to you, the 10 Things That Make Me Happy tag!

Here are the rules: If you get tagged (or if you choose to do it), make a list of 1o things that make you happy, it can be anything! Then tag three other bloggers, and comment on their blog letting them know that you’ve tagged them!

Now here’s my list of 10 Things That Make Me Happy!

1. Spending time with family and friends

2. Reading

3. Bookstagram 

 4. Stationery

5. Blogging

6. Shopping

7. Nature

 8. Performing Arts

9. Travelling – though I hate the travelling part itself (just the thought of planes makes me shudder), I love going on holiday and when I get to my destination, I always have the best time! 


10. Photography – though I don’t have an actual camera, I do enjoy snapping photos here and there of completely random things (you can see some of them over on our Instagram {@girlssquadblog])


I’d like to tag:




Also, in one of my next few posts, I’ll be doing a Q&A, so if you have any questions, feel free to comment them down below, or send them via Twitter (@girlssquadblog) or Instagram (@girlssquadblog).


Tia xo