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5 things to | Cheer you up after a bad day.


We have all been in that situation where you come home from school, work, a club, a friends house or when you just wake up in a pretty bad mood. In this blog post I am going to tell you my 5 top things to cheer you up after a bad day. 

Note: these are things that I find that help me and might not necessarily work for you but these might help you come up with some ideas to cheer yourself up after a bad day.

1. Get into some comfy clothes.

I find that getting home and changing into some comfortable clothes like sweatpants and a hoodie or an animal onesie puts me in a better mood because I feel relaxed.

2. Put some upbeat music on and dance

I love doing this because dance is something that has been proven to make you feel good. My favourite song to jam out to is Girls Like by Tiny Tempah and Zara Larsson which you can check out here.

3. Eat your favourite food.

I find that eating a bit of your favourite food makes you feel comforted and happy. This also makes me feel more positive.

4. Go out with someone removed from the situation.

If the reason you had a bad day is because of a friendship drama or an arguement then surround yourself with people who have not been involved in the situation and just have fun and don’t worry about that arguement (it will get sorted promise).

5. Have a relaxing bath.

Fill yourself a bath with bath bombs, melts or a luxurious bubble bath. You could even light some scented candles (note: keep an eye on these). Close your eyes and listen to some relaxing music. One of my favourite pieces of relaxing music is called Relaxing music for Stress Relief which you can find here. If you don’t want to listen to music then relax quietly or read a favourite book. Make sure that you have some fluffy towels waiting for you when you get out! 

I hope that these tips help you get through your bad day. Please let me know what things cheer you up on our InstagramTwitter or in the comments below. 

Until next week

Missy xo

There are a lot of changes going on on GSB so please bear with us on posting and Instagram updates. Thanks x

Floral dress

Hay guys,

Today’s outfit is a beautiful sweetheart neckline floral coloured dress.

Bought in Macy’s it’s a perfect outfit for a date u have with that special someone. Or just for summer to go out with your friends.

It only cost 40 dollars! 

Some jewellery to go with is a beautiful charm bracelet from next . And some Buckeled boots from Madame girl.Enjoy xx

Kilner Jar | Book Theme

It was recently Tia’s birthday and I decided to do a Kilner jar and fill it with all things book themed as she loves reading. This is what I gave her for her birthday.

As always it starts with a Kilner Jar

I got a mini book called ‘The Little Book of Calm’ because it fits in the jar and is so cute!

Next I put in a mini book holder which is really useful and one of the most adorable things I think I have seen for a book.

These little bookplates are adorable and I love the design.

This set of magnetic book marks. The slogans are quite funny and the pictures are too!

This book light is such a pretty colour (if White is a colour) but I have one and I find it really useful.

I then made a little tag with the contents of the jar and tied it on.

This is the finished product!

Missy xo

What’s on my iPhone.


Note: Just wanted to say that for security reasons I have chosen not to say which iPhone I have and I have blurred out my service provider. I know call me a pecemist.

Today I wanted to show you what I have on my iPhone. This is my lock screen. I love this lock screen picture because it’s so cute and makes me happy!

Next we have my first page of my home screen. This picture was taken at Gemma’s party and it so cute. I have all my immediate things on here.

Next we have the second page with my most used apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and WordPress. 

I love how Instagram is laid out. I think that it is really pretty. If you aren’t following us on Instagram then please do (@girlssquadblog).

I am addicted to Snapchat so I had to include this. I love the filters!

Finally WordPress. I’m loving this app because I love blogging!

I hope that you liked this post! A bit different but I quite wanted to do it.

Missy xo

Party Planning | 5 food hacks


This is a weird title (I know). By 5 food hacks I mean 5 ways to make catering easier. In this post I am going to be mentioning several shops which I haven’t been sponsored to talk about.

Let’s get going!!!

1. Buy food things from Waitrose, M&S or any other shop that does ready to cook meals. This enables you to have lots of fun with your guests and not have to worry about cooking.

2. Pre-prepare any Mocktail (recipes to come in another party planning post soon) components before your guests arrive so that you don’t have to be cutting raspberries when you could be dancing along to your favourite song.

3. Ask your friends to help you. If you can’t prepare things before hand make irfan but better for you. Make it a party activity and ask your friends to help you make the food.

4. Don’t choose complicated food. If your thinking of making something like a Thai chicken curry then look in the shops and see if they have any kits. Otherwise if you are wanting to make something like a sausage pasta bake then see if you can find something like it to make the making less complicated,

5. Use a timer. This is probably one of the most obvious things but if you are using a timer then you can have fun with your friends and not worry about looking at the clock to see if your food needs seeing to.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any party planning ideas or food post ideas then please let us know via our Instagram or in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

Missy xo