How to make melted crayon art!

Hey guys! 

Today I’m sharing with you how to do melted crayon art. You’ve probably seen this on Pinterest or other social media before so I’m going to show you in a few easy steps, how to make it.

How to make it:

1. Take a canvas of the size and shape of your choice and get some crayons.

2. Arrange your crayons on the canvas in whatever shape you want.

3. When you are happy with your shape, use a glue gun to stick them down (this does take a while!)

4. Once everything is stuck down, take a hairdryer and make sure it is on the hottest heat. Move the hairdryer around the crayons until you are satisfied with the result.

Remember! There is no right or wrong way to do this so be as creative as you can!

Hope you guys liked this!

See you next week.

Gemma xx


Nail Care

  Hey, it’s Missy

I love painting my nails💅🏼 but sometimes my cuticles and skin get dry, flaky and sore. In this post I’m going to tell you what I do to make my nails better. Just wanted to say that I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of the products I will be using.

What I use:🛍


Cath Kidston manicure set

The Body Shop body butter

Simple Kind to Skin moisturiser 

Boots Simply Sensitive toner



Let’s get going:😆

1. Fold a tissue 4 times into a small square  

 2. Put a bit of water💧 on the tissue and wipe from the bottom of your cuticles to the top of your nails.

3. Now use the cuticle thingy 😂and push your cuticles back. 

 4. Now either on a tissue or a cotton wool pad, put some toner and wipe across your cuticles.
5. Push your cuticles back again.

6. Put some of the moisturiser all over your nails. 

 7. Then wipe it all off.

8. Finally put some of the body butter on each cuticle.

9. Now leave that on for 5 minutes and then wipe off.

10. Wipe with toner and push the cuticles back again.🙄

11. Wipe with water on a tissue again.😂

12. Finally put the body butter on your cuticles again for another 5 minutes.😶

Personally I would leave my nails a day before painting them but leave them at least 10 minutes.⏱

I hope that you have enjoyed this post👌🏽. Please let me know how this works for you.😄 Also please let us know what else in this nail💅🏼 section you would like.

Bye 🙊 Missy

Tutorial |  DIY Glitter Bottles

DIY Tutorial: Glitter Bottle


This tutorial will show you how to make a super cute, tumblr, sparkly bottle that is perfect to decorate your room with!

1. Find a plastic bottle ~ the bigger the better!
2. Fill it with water and if you want you can add a bit of glycerine too (this is what we normally use to add to icing, and in this case it makes the glitter move around more).
3. Pour in some glitter ~ it can be any colour, or you can add two colours if you want!
4. Put the lid on the bottle, then use duck tape to properly seal it so it doesn’t leak.
5. Place this anywhere in your room to add a glam new decoration, and shake to sparkle!!

Charlotte xo


How to: Flower Crowns

Hi guys, Gemma here,

Today I’m going to be doing a step by step tutorial on how to make flower crowns! In my opinion, there is no wrong way to make flower crowns but you can use my one as a guide to make your very own. Let’s get started!

The first thing you’re going to want to do it take some floral wire and measure the length around your head, leaving some excess room around your head as you don’t want it to be too tight fitting. Also, make sure you leave some room at the end to twist the ends together.

Then, tape round the ends so they don’t come undone

Next, you need to add your greenery. I used a small leaved plant I found at my local garden centre. For the best results, follow your head shape round with the greenery. Use floral tape to secure the greenery to the wire.

 Then, use some smaller flowers like in the image above to create a delicate base for your bigger flowers. Do the same thing as you did with the greenery using floral tape.

Next add your flowers. I decided to go for quite a delicate crown so I didn’t use to big flowers, but it’s completely up to you what you use.

Make sure you leave a reasonable length stem at the end of each flower to attach to your crown.

This was my final product!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it useful! If you recreate this make sure to tag us (@girlssquadblog) on Instagram or Twitter. We’d love to see them!

I’ll see you guys next week

Gemma xx

Study and organisation tips 😝

Hey guys! I’ve planned this ahead because I’m in Italy at the moment! But I hope you enjoy!!

Here are some tips on studying and organisation…

Study Tips 📓📎

1️⃣ Find a study area…

This could be anywhere around the house, you could take loads of blankets and cushions! If you don’t like to stay in your house to study you could go to your local cafe or park 😊 It makes studying easier if you like the setting your in ❤️

2️⃣ study playlist

Have a study playlist, classical music is probably the best to concentrate to because you can’t sing to them and end up jamming out in you bedroom 🆒

3️⃣ don’t procrastinate 

Stop all possible chances of procrassination! When you go to your study area, make sure you have everything you need! So you don’t keep getting up to get them and end up procrassinating 🚫


Flash cards are very useful! You can do groups of them a day and go over them until you remember each one or you could just do 1 a day and memorise it and do a different one the next day! Have 2 pots; 1 for need to learn and another for already learnt. When you have leant them all you can start again.


Keep listsss! They are very useful and keep you on track! Have a notebook specifialcally for lists so you can keep on top of them or write them on your mirror so you can memorise things when you get ready 🆗🆙

6️⃣Highlighters 🌈

Highlight your notes, keep things colour coded and organised! This also keeps you motivated because you want to read colourful things.

7️⃣Keep an agenda

Keep some sort of dairy or agenda to keep all of your notes and due dates for homework or days of exams. This will stop you from forgetting things 🆗

8️⃣Take breaks and reward yourself!

Your going to get tired when your studying or doing your homework. So take breaks every half your or hour or longer, depends what you like, reward yourself with an episode of Netflix or YouTube video or checking your notifications but remember to put your phone back down to concentrate.

9️⃣plan ahead

Have a calendar of some sort to write down due dates and times of exams so your ready for them and don’t do night before revision 👣

🔟Self control

This is an app which stops you from going on specific websites. All you do is type in those websites and how long you want to block them for and if you go on that website it won’t let you access it. 

That’s all for today! See you next week ❤️ byee guyssss😊

Bobby x

How to draw the perfect face!!

I’ve always found it hard to get the parts of the face in the right position, so this blog post will show you how to get the correct proportions.

1. Draw a basic shape for the head. Usually a good start is to draw an upside down egg, then adjust it to suit the person you are drawing.


2. Use lines. These will help you get the proportion right. The first line is vertical down the face, exactly half way through. The next is just above half way horizontally, and then one lower down, and then another lower with a small gap. It’s quite hard to describe because it depends on the scale so you can look at the image below if it helps.


3. To get the eyes, draw 5 eye shapes along the top line, and then the 2nd and 4th will be your eyes.


4. Draw the bottom of the nose on the second line, then the mouth on the final line, to have the main features complete.



5. Finally, you can add more detail by doing the eyes, adding hair/ears/eyebrows and putting some tonal shading.


I hope this helped!!
Charlotte xo

BTS | Lockers

Hey guys, it’s Tia typing here! So I wasn’t entirely sure what to post today, but then I came across @tutorialicious over on Instagram, and had the idea of doing a tutorial, inspired by one I saw on their account. I also decided to start a new BTS (Back to School) series which could be useful for some of you out there that start school within the next couple of weeks…

Over the past school year, I’ve been trying to keep my locker a bit more organised as well as nicely decorated, so here are some of my own (and some of @tutorialicious’) tips on how to keep your locker nice and decorated as well as neat and organised.

*Please note that these are just general tips and suggestions, so you should check your school rules first before doing any of these things.

My Tips

Use a binder or folder to keep any loose sheets of paper in. This way, you are less likely to loose things and are more likely to find them easily.

On the sides of your locker, stick pictures of your favourite things as well as photos of your favourite memories. This way, you’ll always be able to brighten your mood with memories and photos that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Along side the photos, put up your timetable or a mini calendar so that you always know what lessons you have next, where you need to be and what books you need to bring. You could do this via a magnetic whiteboard and dry wipe markers or simply copy or print your timetable on paper.

Have a small, magnetic mirror on the side of your locker.

Take home anything you don’t need in order to avoid clutter or mess.

Have a magnetic bin or case (I’m not 100% sure what they’re called oops), in your locker to carry any essentials like spare pens and any makeup you think you may need during the school day.

Tips from @tutorialicious // IG {as well as extra notes from me}

Money – bring a little extra money with you and keep it in your locker just in case you need it.

Kit – make sure you have a chapstick, deodorant, lotion, body spray, pads/tampons in case and also mints for if you ever need them.

Hair – if you style your hair and/or feel you may need these things, have a hairbrush or comb, spare hairbands and also clips/bobby pins just in case you need them.

 So that’s all of the tips on lockers! I hope you find some of these useful and enjoyed reading this!

Tia xo