New Blogger | Ayesha

Hello everyone! So as some of you may of noticed, there have only been four names in our list of bloggers and in our About page for a little while now, because Bobbi had decided to leave Girls Squad Blog. However, now, we have a new blogger who will be posting on Friday’s as Bobbi used to! We have been friends with Ayesha for quite a while now, so we decided to ask her whether she would like to join, and she agreed! So here’s Ayesha’s intro!
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How to get fit

imageGetting fit is hard to do, but can give you great results! Do remember though, everyone is different so not everyone will be able to lose lots of weight or be as agile as others.

1. Go on runs. Running is free, and you can also breathe the fresh air. It really gets your heart pumping.

2. Have a go at any sport. Taking up a new sport will burn lots of energy and may even show you a talent you didn’t know was in you.

3. Eat healthily. You do not have to go crazy on dieting, but just cutting down on junk food, sweets and chocolate will help. It is also better for your heart to eat healthily.

4. Do stretches/ exercises. Otherwise, you will become stiff, and part of becoming fit is having good strong muscles.

5. Get lots of sleep. Surprisingly, you burn lots of calories whilst you are asleep! It will also give you lots of energy for the following day.

6. Drink lots of water and hydrate. Water fills you up, so you may be thinking that you need some food, but water will help.


Charlotte xo

Party Planning | Themes

Hey, Welcome to the Party Planning series. I will be posting something new in this series every 3 weeks ish but it might become more regular. I am going to start with themes. In my opinion every party needs a theme so here are some suggestions if you are looking for one. Each theme will include some decorations, clothes options and invitation templates.

Number 1: Tumblr 

Decorations: I have chosen 3 decorations that I absolutely love!

Lanterns from Party Pieces 

Fairy lights in a Kilner Jar

3 heart shape candles

Clothing: I have picked these clothes from a picture I found on tumblr. I have chosen white shorts from Next, a flowery crop top from Wet Seal (Florida), nude pumps from M&S and a white flower crown from Claire’s accessories.


Number 2: Garden Party

Decorations: These 3 decorations are amazing!

Jar garden lights

Light bunting 

Potted Flowers

Clothing: I have chosen something that to me says garden party. It is a white and blue floral printed dress and white wedges. These are both from New Look.


Number 3: Dance

Decorations: These aren’t specifically decorations but they are going to be used as them.

Pointe shoes

Tutu hanging

Dance quote photo show 

(Can be made on flipagram or

Clothing: I have chosen a tutu that can be bought from any dance store. This has been matched with pale pink tights and soft ballet shoes that can both be bought from any dance shop.


Number 4: Ball

Decorations: I have chosen 3 awesome things.


3 Wine glasses

Glass hanger

Clothing: I would wear this dress that used to be my Mum’s. It fits me so well and is from Monsoon. The shoes I have chosen are black low wedges from Next.


Number 5: Movies

Decorations: These are 3 things that you can find around your house.

DVD box skirting board

Film quotes

Box set food displays. (Careful what food you use 😂)

Clothing: I have chosen a maroon floor length dress from Début (originally my Mum’s) and paired it with black low wedges from Next.


I hope that I have given you some ideas for some party themes. If you use any of these themes or you have any other theme ideas please tag us in your pics on Twitter or Instagram (@girlssquadblog). 

See you next week.

Bye 🙂 Missy 

Adam Lambert Concert 14.4.16

Hey guys, it’s Tia and Gemma here! Sorry it’s a bit late! So last Thursday (14.04.16), Gemma and I (it’s Tia typing) went to see Adam Lambert live, something I’ve wanted to do since the moment I first heard of him back in 2012 (4 years wow!). It was an amazing night overall, and now we’re going to be telling you all about it! 
We got the train to Richmond at around 6, and then went on the overground tube to Hammersmith, which was the location of our concert. 
By then we were internally jumping up and down with excitement, as we left the station to join a (very long) queue of people waiting to go into the Eventim Apollo, which was the venue he was performing at. 
We were in the queue for about 5 minutes because it moved quite quickly, and then we went into the apollo and headed upstairs to our seats, just in time to watch Lawson, who were Adam’s support act!

Their set lasted about 40 or so minutes, and included songs like Standing in the Dark and Money, which were some of my favourites!


They also covered Cake by the Ocean which was amazing! 
Once Lawson were finished, I went down to the lobby and bought some merchandise! I got a tour T-Shirt and also a tote bag which I’m really pleased with. 
Then I went back upstairs and took my seat to wait for Adam to come on. 
Gemma typing now! 

The whistle from Ghost Town (One of Adam’s most popular songs) started playing which made the crowd 100% more hyped for Adam to walk on.

Adam walked on and cheers erupted throughout the room. His first song was Evil In The Night

Adam then performed his newest song called welcome to the show. This was one of my favourite performances of the night. Adam also sang Rumours and Another Lonely Night.


Welcome to the show 

Another Lonely Night

Adam brought two of his friends with him on tour (Holly Hyman and Terrance Spencer). They were amazing at dancing and suprisingly good at singing.

There then was a short break where Adam got changed but soon returned and gave an inspirational speech, which was then followed by his very famous song Whataya want from me. I also really enjoyed his performance of this song! 

 Adams last few songs he performed were If I Had You, Fever and a tribute to David Bowie as he was one of Adam inspirations.


Unfortunately we had to leave a bit early as we would have missed our train but I think we can both agree, it was an incredible and amazing night. We wish we could go again.

Hope you guys enjoyed our ‘report’ on our time at the Adam Lambert concert. 

Gemma and Tia xx

Tag Tuesday|The Bestfriend Tag


It’s Missy and Gemma here! It’s another Tuesday which means that it is time for our second Tag Tuesday! This Tuesday, because we’ve been best friends for so long, we decided to do the Best Friend Tag!

We hope you enjoy it!

*Seeing as this is a collab, we decided to do every other question, so we will have our names next to our answers so you know who’s typing.

Let’s get going!

How and when did you meet?

Missy: We met in reception during our first break time. We started talking (as much as 4 year olds do) and became really good friends.

What were your first impressions of your friend?

Gemma: My first impression of Missy was that she was kinda weird but looked really nice.

What’s your favourite memory together?

Missy: I think it would have to be one from not that long ago. During a lesson Gemma’s tummy was rumbling. It wasn’t that loud so only she and I could hear it. She asked me if I had any food but I only had a Polo mint. In the end she had it but a few minutes after I gave it to her, her tummy rumbled so loudly and we just burst out laughing and couldn’t stop.

Describe each other in one word.

Gemma: Loud

One thing that annoys you about the other person.

Missy: I think that annoys me about Gemma is that she is so hard to prank but she can prank me really easily.
One thing you love about the other person.

Gemma: Missy never fails to make me laugh.

If you could go anywhere in the world together where would it be?

Missy: We would probably go to LA because that is our dream.

Favourite inside joke.

Gemma: Ham.

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Missy: Definitely Gemma. She wakes up later than me and spends more time on her makeup.

What’s the other person’s eye colour? (Don’t cheat!)

Gemma: Blue

Thank you so much for reading. You can use these questions if you want to do this tag. Please let us know if you have a go.

See you next week
Missy and Gemma xo

Tag Tuesday | The Shopaholic Tag

Hey guys, it’s Tia and Missy here! It’s Tuesday, which means the start of our new series… *drum roll please* TAG TUESDAY! Each Tuesday, one of us will be posting a tag, and hopefully, you’ll get to know us a bit better via these questions! We’re super excited for this new series so we hope you enjoy it! 

Here are the questions and rules for the first tag we’re doing: The Shopaholic Tag! 


* Mention the person who tagged you (if you were tagged). 

* Answer the questions 

* Tag 2 other people to do the tag

* Let them know you’ve tagged them

Also, just to let you know: So me and Missy don’t have to keep saying it’s us haha (this is Tia by the way if you didn’t know), we are going to be doing every other question. The first one will be me, then Missy, me, then Missy and so on! 


1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

It’s Tia typing here! I would say I’m halfway to being a shopaholic. I love window shopping and looking around stores, though I don’t always buy everything I like/see. Unless it’s the bookstore. Then I buy everything I like haha.

2. How would you classify your style? 
It’s Missy! I would classify my style as pretty, cute and girly, as well as quite preppy. 

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing? 
My answer to this question is a bookstore. As those of you who’ve been reading our blog since the beginning would know, I am a bookworm, so whenever I go to the bookstore I pretty much always buy something. 

4. Where do you find the best deals? 
Missy here! I usually find the best deals in New Look. Their clothes are such good quality but they have awesome prices, which is why I often seem to buy something whenever I go there. 

5. What designer are you willing to splurge for? 
Back to Tia again! A designer I’m willing to splurge for is Ted Baker! I love their clothes and also their handbags, though I don’t actually own one myself. 

6. Do you have a “go-to” shopping outfit? 
Yes, I do! My go to shopping outfit is: jeans, a cute top and ballet flats.

7. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Besides from chocolate haha, my guilty pleasure is a book haul. I spend so much money on books haha, but I don’t feel guilty for too long…. 

8. What is one staple clothing piece you cannot live without? 
It’s Missy typing now! My staple clothing item is my skinny jeans! I couldn’t live without them haha. 

9. What is a trend that you hope never goes out of style? 
Though I don’t actually have one yet (the key word is ‘yet’ haha), I really like bomber jackets! I’ve seen so many people with bomber jackets lately and I really like them! The colour I’d want one in though is black or navy blue. 

10. What trend did you love that passed away so quickly?
I loved the trend when everyone wore leggings paired with a long top. It was awesome and I still wear it occasionally! 

11. Who is your style icon? 
I didn’t actually have a style icon before now oops, but now that I’ve thought about it, I’m going to say Tanya Burr. 

That’s all the questions! We hope you enjoyed reading this post and got to know a bit more about the shopaholic side of us! 

Also, we want to tag… YOU! Make sure you leave a link to your blog post down below if you do it 🙂
Tia and Missy xo