Stationary Favourites

Hello! Lately I’ve been really loving bullet journaling and planning, not only because it helps keep me organised, but also because the extra doodles and designs you can add make it all the more fun. To do these doodles though, I need stationary, so I decided to do a post on stationary I’ve been loving and using a lot lately!

*I have not been sponsored to talk about any of these products 

First up on my list of stationary is this pilot fountain pen, which I received a little while ago. This pen is so nice to write with and also looks really nice as well. The pen I chose is so simple but it looks really professional and classy, which I love! The ink I use is good as well because there is little bleeding and the ink doesn’t tend to blotch when writing as some fountain pens I’ve used, have done (though that also depends on the paper used).

Next, I’m moving onto the pens that I’ve seen a lot of people using (and I can see why), and it’s the Stabilo Point 88 pens. I bought these pens quite a while ago, and yet most of them still work with plenty of ink left (and that’s not because I’ve not be using them). These pens are so long-lasting and make writing a simple sentence look really nice due to the bright range of colours available. The pack I purchased came with the colours: black, brown, dark blue, purple, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, pink and red. I use them for pretty much everything, though I mainly use them for keeping my planner tasks and notes colour-coded and pretty, as well as for little doodles (though I don’t use them for colouring in, I use the next item for that). I got them quite a while ago but I think they cost around £10-£13 but they were definitely worth it.

My next stationary item, is these felt-tip pens! I love these pens because they can be used for so many things. The nib is thin enough that you can use them to write with, but they are thick enough to use as a coloured pen without it taking forever haha. I actually can’t remember where I bought these because I purchased them quite a while ago (again, like the Stabilo pens they are quite long-lasting), but they are the triplus colour 323 pens by Staedtler. I’m not sure what price I bought them at though.

Another thing I wanted to mention is Biros which I use frequently! These can be purchased anywhere and for super cheap prices, which I think is really good because I’m always buying (and losing) these. I bought these ones by BIC and have used them (both in blue and black) for quite a while! I always carry pens around with me in my bag because you never know when you’ll need one so these are so useful to have.  

I also purchased these coloured biros as well which I really love. They’re also from BIC and came in quite a few colours which was nice so I’d definitely recommend these. 

That’s a few of my stationary favourites! I only did pens so if you want another stationary favourites post with other items then make sure to comment and let me know! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Tia xo


Tag Tuesday | I Am Currently…

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday, which means another Tag Tuesday, and this time, I decided that it would be more fun if I created my own tag, like I did over in this post. I first got the idea for this tag when I was going through my old copy of The Pointless Book 2 by Alfie Deyes, and thought that it would make a really fun tag, so I decided to create one! I also saw something similar to this on a couple other blogs I read! Anyway, here are the questions!

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DIY Birthday Presents


In this post I am going to show you one DIY Birthday present🎁 that I am doing for my friend👭. You can adapt this to suit the person you are giving the present to. I also want to say that I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of these products. They are just things I thought were cute😊.

The person I am giving this present to is a massive fan of BAKING!🎂

I have got her:

A blue Kilner jar (The Range £3.49)

Some measuring spoons (Lakeland £3.49)

A set that was cupcake cases and little flags (The Range £1.49)

Some flower cookie cutters (The Range £1.99)

Mini fudge cubes (Lakeland £ 2.39)


Finally, some edible confetti (Lakeland £1.49)


I opened the Kilner jar and put the measuring spoons in first. 

I next put in the confetti 

 Then the cookie cutters

 Then the little flag things

  The fudge was next  

Finally the cupcake cases

 I then wrote a little contents tag and hole punched it

Next I measured string around the jar ,

 Cut it and tied the contents sheet on

This is the present that I’m givin to my friend. If you make something like this then please post it on Instagram and tag us @girlssquadblog and please use the hashtag #gsbdiypresent.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.

See you soon

Bye 🙊 Missy 

Monthly Favourites | April

 It being the last day of April, it’s only fitting that today’s post be a monthly favourites, so I can share all the things I’ve been loving lately in the month of April. April has been a pretty good month for me, what with watching Adam Lambert (my favourite singer) live in concert, and also setting up my own blog, so there are quite a few things for me to get into!

First up is blogging. Having been writing posts for this blog for a month, I can say that I am honestly loving blogging, so with that in mind, I decided that I wanted to set up my own blog, which I named Tia Types. I created another WordPress account, chose a domain (I decided to stick with “” for now), selected a theme and I was done! Since then I’ve tried to post on there at least twice a week, so blogging has been taking up a lot of my time lately, though I do love it as I said, so I’m not complaining! If you’ve been finding that you’ve had a lot of free time lately, and don’t know what to do with it, then I’d definitely recommend setting up a blog. It’s so easy to get started and being a writer, I am finding it to be a really fun and enjoyable way of spending my free time. That being said, I also can’t wait to start sharing more content with you guys both on here and also on my own blog!

Another thing I love to do in my free time is reading, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite books with you all. A series I’ve read thousands of times, is the Harry Potter series, written by J.K Rowling. This month, I’ve been trying to reread the whole series again, but this time in order, as I finally own all of the books myself. I’m currently at the 5th book in the series, The Order of the Phoenix, and am loving it, despite having read it quite a number of times. If you are in need of a new book then I’d definitely recommend picking up the first book in the Harry Potter series, no matter what age you are! For a lighter, teen fiction read, Laura and I would also recommend the series Geek Girl, all about Harriet Manners, a geek, who is recognised by a modelling agency. This story is really unique, carrying a brilliant message, and I really enjoyed it, despite that I usually read YA Fiction, rather than teen.

Now I’m going to move onto stationary and other random objects that I’ve loved lately! A little while ago, I was given a Pilot fountain pen, as a gift, and I’ve been loving it! It writes so well and is such good quality, compared to the one I was using before. I’ve always loved using fountain pens, so getting a new one as a gift made me super happy! I mainly use this in my bullet journal, which I use almost daily, so I’ve definitely been making good use out of it and if you do enjoy writing and stationary then I’d recommend purchasing a fountain pen.

Another stationary product I’ve been using a lot lately is my A5 notebook, which I’ve been using as a BuJo (bullet journal). I love doodling and making lists so when I first heard of the bullet journal, I knew it was something I had to try out! I purchased a 50 page, A5 notebook, and set to work, setting up a key, index pages and some pages for blog planning, which is actually what I’ve been using it for the most. Being involved in two blogs now, it can be quite confusing sometimes planning posts, so the system I’ve been using has been quite useful. I’m also planning on trying out a system I saw yesterday on this post by Lilly Pebbles, which is the PTSFT idea. This stands for Photos, Text, Scheduled, Facebook, Twitter, which I really like the idea of, though I’ll probably adapt to PTSTI (photos, text, scheduled, twitter, instagram). It’s been quite useful lately, so I’ll definitely be carrying that over to the month of May. If you want to start up your own bullet journal, I’d also recommend checking out Boho Berry for some tips and ideas on how to start up your own BuJo.

I also want to mention a concert I went to, which has to go in my monthly favourites. As you may already of seen, Gemma and I went to see Adam lambert live, on The Original High Tour, and it was incredible! We had such an amazing time and I would ramble on about the concert for hours if I could haha. However, because there’s already a whole blog post about it, I won’t ramble on except to link the post here, so you can read all about it if you wish (and also watch the video clips we took during the show).

I know that’s only a few but that’s my monthly favourites for April! I can’t wait to see what May brings for me! And in the meantime, what are your favourites from April? Have you used or experienced any of the things I’ve mentioned?

Tia xo

Party Planning | Themes

Hey, Welcome to the Party Planning series. I will be posting something new in this series every 3 weeks ish but it might become more regular. I am going to start with themes. In my opinion every party needs a theme so here are some suggestions if you are looking for one. Each theme will include some decorations, clothes options and invitation templates.

Number 1: Tumblr 

Decorations: I have chosen 3 decorations that I absolutely love!

Lanterns from Party Pieces 

Fairy lights in a Kilner Jar

3 heart shape candles

Clothing: I have picked these clothes from a picture I found on tumblr. I have chosen white shorts from Next, a flowery crop top from Wet Seal (Florida), nude pumps from M&S and a white flower crown from Claire’s accessories.


Number 2: Garden Party

Decorations: These 3 decorations are amazing!

Jar garden lights

Light bunting 

Potted Flowers

Clothing: I have chosen something that to me says garden party. It is a white and blue floral printed dress and white wedges. These are both from New Look.


Number 3: Dance

Decorations: These aren’t specifically decorations but they are going to be used as them.

Pointe shoes

Tutu hanging

Dance quote photo show 

(Can be made on flipagram or

Clothing: I have chosen a tutu that can be bought from any dance store. This has been matched with pale pink tights and soft ballet shoes that can both be bought from any dance shop.


Number 4: Ball

Decorations: I have chosen 3 awesome things.


3 Wine glasses

Glass hanger

Clothing: I would wear this dress that used to be my Mum’s. It fits me so well and is from Monsoon. The shoes I have chosen are black low wedges from Next.


Number 5: Movies

Decorations: These are 3 things that you can find around your house.

DVD box skirting board

Film quotes

Box set food displays. (Careful what food you use 😂)

Clothing: I have chosen a maroon floor length dress from Début (originally my Mum’s) and paired it with black low wedges from Next.


I hope that I have given you some ideas for some party themes. If you use any of these themes or you have any other theme ideas please tag us in your pics on Twitter or Instagram (@girlssquadblog). 

See you next week.

Bye 🙂 Missy 

5 Things To | Cheer Yourself Up

Hey guys, it’s Saturday, which means a new post from me, Tia! We all have moments where we feel down or moody for no particular reason and are in need of something to cheer yourself up, so I thought I’d do a quick post on how I help improve my mood during these times! I hope you enjoy it and find some of these tips useful!

  1. Treat Yourself – whenever I feel the familiar case of the blues, I always try and treat myself to improve the way I’m feeling. Have that food your craving, or buy something from the makeup brand you’ve always wanted to try, buy yourself a new book or have a hot bath. Whatever it is that you consider a treat, do it! For me, the easiest way to increase my mood is to read a book, so my treat would definitely be to go down to the bookstore and make a start on my ever-growing TBR list!
  2. Listen to Music – listening to songs by my favourite artist always tends to cheer me up, so whenever I’m feeling down, I always go and get out my CDs or click onto YouTube to watch some live recordings of some of my favourite songs! A singer who I always turn to is Adam Lambert, who is my favourite singer! On Friday, me and Gemma actually went to see him live, which was amazing, so you can look out for a post on that!
  3. Watch a Film – whenever I’m not feeling great, I also like to watch some of my favourite films and TV Shows! The Big Bang Theory has been my favourite TV shows for ages, and it never fails to make me laugh, so whenever I’m feeling a case of the blues, it’s my go-to show (is that even a thing?) to watch!
  4. Read a book – As mentioned above, I also like to read a lot, so whenever I’m not feeling 100%, I like to get out a book, whether that be an old favourite or a new read, and sit down for an hour or so to read. My favourite book at the moment is a YA contemporary by Rainbow Rowell called Fangirl, which I highly recommend! I’m also currently reading a book linked to Fangirl, called Carry On, which I’m sure most people have heard of.
  5. Meet Up With Friends or Family – if you have any close friends or family who live nearby, why not call them up and ask if they want to meet up with you? For me, there’s nothing like a chat with a friend, or a day trip with a family member to cheer me up! Some of my favourite things to do with friends or family are going out to the cinema, shopping or just wondering around a pretty park (and snapping some photos whilst I’m there haha).

So that’s my list of 5 Things To | Cheer Yourself Up! These things always help to increase my mood, so I hope some of these things help you as well 🙂

Tia xo

All day I dream about blogging…

Gemma and I went to the Little Mix Get Weird tour at the o2 arena last night and it was amazing. I am here to tell you the story of our awesome night. 

We left the train station at 13:15 and got to Waterloo at 14.40 ish. We had a quick look in Accessorise and Lush before getting the tube to North Greenwich. 
Once we arrived we had an hour to spare so we visited the loo and spent some time on snapchat. We got our dinner at 4:00 ish in Frankie and Benny’s. I had a burger and Gemma had a pizza then we shared a massive sundae. 

It was time to queue. We found out that Gemma had prioritys because she is and o2 customer so we got in a quick queue and were allowed in the Blueroom bar which was sick. 
We then bought some raspberry lemonade a and some Yorkie buttons and chilled for a good half hour.

 It was time for the warm up acts. There was this American new band called Jagmac and Nathan Sykes and they were both wonderful. 

Now it was time to Get Weird! They started with Grown and all the effects and vocals were astonishing! It kept getting better and better and even better. They ended with Black Magic as there encore and they got everyone dancing.

All in all it was a brilliant experience and I absolutely loved every second.
Gemma will be back on Wednesday with some more make up but I decided to move away from my fashion posts just for this week. I hope you don’t mind.
Please let me know your concert experiences and tag us in some pictures that you took on Instagram @girlssquadblog and you could also use the hashtag #concertsandtours_gsb.
See you next week.
Bye 🙂 Missy