DIY Birthday Presents


In this post I am going to show you one DIY Birthday present🎁 that I am doing for my friend👭. You can adapt this to suit the person you are giving the present to. I also want to say that I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of these products. They are just things I thought were cute😊.

The person I am giving this present to is a massive fan of BAKING!🎂

I have got her:

A blue Kilner jar (The Range £3.49)

Some measuring spoons (Lakeland £3.49)

A set that was cupcake cases and little flags (The Range £1.49)

Some flower cookie cutters (The Range £1.99)

Mini fudge cubes (Lakeland £ 2.39)


Finally, some edible confetti (Lakeland £1.49)


I opened the Kilner jar and put the measuring spoons in first. 

I next put in the confetti 

 Then the cookie cutters

 Then the little flag things

  The fudge was next  

Finally the cupcake cases

 I then wrote a little contents tag and hole punched it

Next I measured string around the jar ,

 Cut it and tied the contents sheet on

This is the present that I’m givin to my friend. If you make something like this then please post it on Instagram and tag us @girlssquadblog and please use the hashtag #gsbdiypresent.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.

See you soon

Bye 🙊 Missy 


After Easter, Egg Nests


It’s about a week since Easter but how many mini eggs have you got left after the big day??? Well, if you’re like me then you have a lot. I have a recipe that will use up your mini eggs and it tastes amazing!!!!

Mars Bar Easter Nests


5 Mars bars, Some mini eggs, 100g cornflakes.


A board, a knife, a pan, a heatproof bowl, a pan of water, a spoon.


Step 1: Chop up the Mars bars into about 1.5cm chunks and put in heatproof bowl

Step 2: Put the bowl on top of the pan and turn the heat on low. When the Mars bars start to get a bit mushy then start to stir them. It will be hard to stir but keep going.


Step 3: Pour the cornflakes in and stir the chocolate and cornflakes together. It will not cover them but it will bind them.

Step 4: With your hands pick up some mixture and roll into balls then press down and make a hole in the centre.

Step 5: Put the Mini Eggs in the holes. 

There you go. This mixture doesn’t make loads so you can use your own quantities but this is a really good way of using up those Mini Eggs.

Here is the final product:

Post a picture on Instagram of your finished product and use the hashtag #minieggnests_gsb and tag us on @girlssquadblog .

Please feel free to leave more baking suggestions in the comments below.

Bye 🙂 Missy