Essential products you need to create a look for a party (beauty)

Hey Gemma here!

Today I thought I would share some essential and affordable products you need to create the perfect party look.


A long lasting powder (for example, my favourite drugstore powder is the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder.)

(My lid to this cracked) 😦

You don’t want your makeup to come off on a night out which is why I recommend you use one like this as it stays on for ages!


A nice long lasting perfume 

Obviously you’re going to want to smell nice all the time at a party so use a perfume such as the Emporio and Armani Diamonds perfume in rose (this is my favourite perfume)


Brow gel. It’s very important (for me) for my brows to stay in place all times which is why I love using the Rimmel brow this way clear brow gel. 

4. High pigment eyeshadow.

It’s really good to use high pigmented eyeshadow all the time but it’s especially important to when you are at a party as it will really make an impact and will be the wow factor of your look

I love the Tanya Burr eyeshadow pallets as I find they are very pigmented and last a long time 

Hope you found that useful and manage to create your perfect look for a night out.

See you next week

Gemma xx


Party Planning | Themes

Hey, Welcome to the Party Planning series. I will be posting something new in this series every 3 weeks ish but it might become more regular. I am going to start with themes. In my opinion every party needs a theme so here are some suggestions if you are looking for one. Each theme will include some decorations, clothes options and invitation templates.

Number 1: Tumblr 

Decorations: I have chosen 3 decorations that I absolutely love!

Lanterns from Party Pieces 

Fairy lights in a Kilner Jar

3 heart shape candles

Clothing: I have picked these clothes from a picture I found on tumblr. I have chosen white shorts from Next, a flowery crop top from Wet Seal (Florida), nude pumps from M&S and a white flower crown from Claire’s accessories.


Number 2: Garden Party

Decorations: These 3 decorations are amazing!

Jar garden lights

Light bunting 

Potted Flowers

Clothing: I have chosen something that to me says garden party. It is a white and blue floral printed dress and white wedges. These are both from New Look.


Number 3: Dance

Decorations: These aren’t specifically decorations but they are going to be used as them.

Pointe shoes

Tutu hanging

Dance quote photo show 

(Can be made on flipagram or

Clothing: I have chosen a tutu that can be bought from any dance store. This has been matched with pale pink tights and soft ballet shoes that can both be bought from any dance shop.


Number 4: Ball

Decorations: I have chosen 3 awesome things.


3 Wine glasses

Glass hanger

Clothing: I would wear this dress that used to be my Mum’s. It fits me so well and is from Monsoon. The shoes I have chosen are black low wedges from Next.


Number 5: Movies

Decorations: These are 3 things that you can find around your house.

DVD box skirting board

Film quotes

Box set food displays. (Careful what food you use 😂)

Clothing: I have chosen a maroon floor length dress from Début (originally my Mum’s) and paired it with black low wedges from Next.


I hope that I have given you some ideas for some party themes. If you use any of these themes or you have any other theme ideas please tag us in your pics on Twitter or Instagram (@girlssquadblog). 

See you next week.

Bye 🙂 Missy 

Products I Regret Buying

Hey reader!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some products I regret buying! These are just my personal opinion so please don’t get offended if you like this product.

First up, Rimmel 001 black gel eyeliner.

I bought this thinking that it would be good to touch up on my eyeliner skills however I found this very difficult to use and I didn’t like to consistency of the eyeliner.

Next up, MUA mosaic bronzer in Sunkissed glow.

I found that this was far to pink toned for my skin tone and it didn’t suit me at all. I appreciate that this isn’t a bad product and some people may really like this product.

Next, Natural Collection pressed powder in warm.

This product didn’t keep my makeup on my face all day and I found that I had to touch up on it quite a few times in 5 hours. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Next up, miss sporty perfect colour lipstick in 009.

I bought this for a show last year and I found that the pigmentation of this wasnt amazing. It also looked quite patchy and didn’t stay on my lips very long.I dont think I would recommend this product.

Last thing is the Body Shop blemish gel

This really didn’t work for me and found it didn’t help my blemishes and acne.

I hope you all found this helpful. I’ll be back tomorrow with a special collab with Tia.

Gemma xx

Nail Care

  Hey, it’s Missy

I love painting my nails💅🏼 but sometimes my cuticles and skin get dry, flaky and sore. In this post I’m going to tell you what I do to make my nails better. Just wanted to say that I haven’t been sponsored to talk about any of the products I will be using.

What I use:🛍


Cath Kidston manicure set

The Body Shop body butter

Simple Kind to Skin moisturiser 

Boots Simply Sensitive toner



Let’s get going:😆

1. Fold a tissue 4 times into a small square  

 2. Put a bit of water💧 on the tissue and wipe from the bottom of your cuticles to the top of your nails.

3. Now use the cuticle thingy 😂and push your cuticles back. 

 4. Now either on a tissue or a cotton wool pad, put some toner and wipe across your cuticles.
5. Push your cuticles back again.

6. Put some of the moisturiser all over your nails. 

 7. Then wipe it all off.

8. Finally put some of the body butter on each cuticle.

9. Now leave that on for 5 minutes and then wipe off.

10. Wipe with toner and push the cuticles back again.🙄

11. Wipe with water on a tissue again.😂

12. Finally put the body butter on your cuticles again for another 5 minutes.😶

Personally I would leave my nails a day before painting them but leave them at least 10 minutes.⏱

I hope that you have enjoyed this post👌🏽. Please let me know how this works for you.😄 Also please let us know what else in this nail💅🏼 section you would like.

Bye 🙊 Missy

Drugstore haul update!

Hey everyone! Last week I posted a small drugstore haul and I said that my next post would be an update on whether I am enjoying the products or not. I’m not sponsored to talk about any of these products it’s my own opinion. Let’s get going! 
Miss sporty peel off base coat.
I like this product and have found it to work well. However it does take longer than expected to dry and I am quite impatient with my nails so it was quite frustrating but overall it’s a good product and does its job well.  

Three Barry M nail polishes
I love these! The colours are beautiful and I really enjoy wearing them. I have had good experience with these nail polishes before and look forward to building up my collection of them in the future. 
Collection Lasing perfection concealer
This concealer is my favourite concealer I’ve ever bought! I love the consistency of it and it lasts ages. It’s quite a full coverage concealer which is good and I find it doesn’t look or feel cakey or heavy on my face.

 Collection contour kit
I love this! The highlight is stunning and gives a really pretty shimmer. I love the contour as well as I have found that it isn’t too heavy on your cheeks and it’s a really good colour for my skintone. I also like the fact that it has a mirror in it which means it is a good product to take with you on the go. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! The prices for all of these products are at the end of my last post (drugstore haul). 
See you next week for my next blog post!
Gemma xx

Drugstore haul

Hey guys, Gemma here! Today I am going to be sharing with you some products that I bought from my last shopping trip to the drugstore. Once again I am not sponsored to talk about any of these products. Let’s get started!

The first product I bought was the miss sporty peel off base coat (I will leave prices and where you can buy them at the end!). I wanted to buy this because it had good reviews online and I wanted to up my game with nails. 


The next things I bought were these three beautiful nail polishes from Barry M. I’ve had good experience with Barry M nail varnishes before and I really like the finish they give on my nails

(Left to right: Barry M speedy quick dry nail paint in ‘On your marks’, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paint in ‘Grapefruit’, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paint in ‘Green berry’)

Third item I bought was the Collection Lasting Perfection 16 hour ultimate wear concealer. This is my all time favourite concealer and I had run out of my old one. 

The final thing I bought was the collection highlight and sculpt contour kit. I bought this because I’d heard so many people rave about it and every time I’ve been to superdrug it had been sold out!  

I will do an update on how I am enjoying these products so make sure your following us so you don’t miss out on that!

Gemma xx

Prices and where to get them!

Miss sporty peel off base coat: £2.29 at superdrug 

Barry M Gelly nail varnishes (green berry and grapefruit) : £3.99 at superdrug 

Barry M quick speed nail varnish (on your marks) : £3.99 at superdrug 

Collection lasting perfection concealer: £4.19 at superdrug 

Collection contour kit: £2.99 (on sale now!) £4.19 not in the sale at superdrug