About Us

Hey guys! Welcome to our blog Girls Squad Blog, the home of beauty, brains and more. We are Tia, Gemma, Missy, Bobby and Charlotte, and we will be posting under these categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Sports (mainly dance)
  • Baking
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Tutorials + DIY

So without further ado, let’s start with our introductions!

Tia: Hello! I’m Tia and I will mainly be posting books (reviews, tags wrap-ups etcetera)📚, lifestyle🌸, travel✈️, tutorials and DIY💫 on Saturdays (though this may change). In my spare time, I mainly enjoy reading and writing, which is one of the reasons why books will probably be my main area of posting. I also take a lot of photos of random objects, so if you have Instagram and want to see some photos and get more from the blog, then you can follow our Instagram: @girlssquadblog. If you want to see what sort of photos we post, our recent posts are also in the sidebar.📷 I also have my own account on instagram where I post photos of books and talk about them (I’m a bookworm), and if you want to follow it, it is: @chaptersofbooks. Other things I like to do include shopping,  listening to music (my favourite singers are Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood) and also reading other blogs. So anyways, I can’t wait to start posting on here and sharing my obsessions thoughts on certain topics. I also really hope you enjoy reading mine and everyone else’s posts! 🙂 xx

Missy: Hi, I am Missy and I have a huge passion for fashion and an even bigger passion for dance. I am really excited to share my part of this blog with you. I will be aiming to post every Monday (but please don’t hold me to that). In my posts, I will mostly be talking about fashion (hauls, looks, outfit ideas) and some little dance tricks (pointe work, exercises and, because fashion is my passion, dance wear). I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and everyone else’s. We cannot wait to share our passions with you. I am really looking forward to posting.

Gemma: Hey reader! My name’s Gemma and I’m OBSESSED with everything makeup and beauty. I will normally post beauty tips, tricks, recommendations and dupes. I will make sure I post every Wednesday as I have promised my sister that she can slap me if I don’t 😂 Me and Missy may occasionally do a dance post as we go to the same dance class✨ Look forward for you to see my first post. Gemma xx

Charlotte: Heyy,👋🏼 my name is Charlotte and I love anything creative!!🌸 I have numerous Instagram accounts for art (@lxve.art)👑 and I also have a joint account with another friend (@_.emoji_tumblr._). 🌙 I enjoy making animations on musical.ly (@qamme)✏️ and I also have a massive passion for fashion and I’d like to be a fashion designer when I’m older. 🛍  I love travelling✈️ and experiencing all the different cultures around the world and I also love photography. 📸 Also, I play the flute and the piano 🎹and like to sing to myself. 🎤 I will mainly be posting on Sundays, but I am pretty much available on any day and I will be posting anything from fashion, art or music, but I may post something else once or twice. ❣Oh, and I also do a bit of sport too but I’m not good enough to make it into any good teams😅I hope you enjoy our blog!!💍

Bobby: Hey I’m Bobby 👋🏽 some people call me Bobs! Some call me Louise in the register because of my middle name! 👎🏻😾 I’ve made a lot of different Instagram account but never really wanted to post those specific things! 😴 I have finally figured out what time of thing I’m into! 🙏🏻 there’s an app called musical.ly 🙌🏻 I’m in love with it 👍🏼 (@bobby__sudbury) two underscores btw 👀 I will probably be quite creative so I will upload things to do with; travel, fashion/possibly beauty and art to… However I’m not that good at it 😂 all my uploads will be photos I’ve personally taken!😅 I will be posting every Friday! As much as I can 🙈 I haven fully chosen yet but there will soon be a time that I upload on 👀 I hope you guys enjoy our blog and all of our posts! 🌸 go check out everyone else’s intros because it would be great if u can get to know everyone❣

~ GirlsSquadBlog xx