Kilner Jar | Book Theme

It was recently Tia’s birthday and I decided to do a Kilner jar and fill it with all things book themed as she loves reading. This is what I gave her for her birthday.

As always it starts with a Kilner Jar

I got a mini book called ‘The Little Book of Calm’ because it fits in the jar and is so cute!

Next I put in a mini book holder which is really useful and one of the most adorable things I think I have seen for a book.

These little bookplates are adorable and I love the design.

This set of magnetic book marks. The slogans are quite funny and the pictures are too!

This book light is such a pretty colour (if White is a colour) but I have one and I find it really useful.

I then made a little tag with the contents of the jar and tied it on.

This is the finished product!

Missy xo


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