What’s on my iPhone.


Note: Just wanted to say that for security reasons I have chosen not to say which iPhone I have and I have blurred out my service provider. I know call me a pecemist.

Today I wanted to show you what I have on my iPhone. This is my lock screen. I love this lock screen picture because it’s so cute and makes me happy!

Next we have my first page of my home screen. This picture was taken at Gemma’s party and it so cute. I have all my immediate things on here.

Next we have the second page with my most used apps like Snapchat, Instagram, musical.ly and WordPress. 

I love how Instagram is laid out. I think that it is really pretty. If you aren’t following us on Instagram then please do (@girlssquadblog).

I am addicted to Snapchat so I had to include this. I love the filters!

Finally WordPress. I’m loving this app because I love blogging!

I hope that you liked this post! A bit different but I quite wanted to do it.

Missy xo


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