New Blogger | Ayesha

Hello everyone! So as some of you may of noticed, there have only been four names in our list of bloggers and in our About page for a little while now, because Bobbi had decided to leave Girls Squad Blog. However, now, we have a new blogger who will be posting on Friday’s as Bobbi used to! We have been friends with Ayesha for quite a while now, so we decided to ask her whether she would like to join, and she agreed! So here’s Ayesha’s intro!

Hi everyone! I’m Ayesha, a new blogger on Girls Squad Blog! I’ll be showing you some cool outfits that I love, that I think will help to impress your friends and also the guy who never notices you. I have been interested in fashion for a long time now, and would really like to share my talent with you guys. A little bit about me is that I love to dance, and I think the movements help to show feelings and emotions. I also love to skate, the way you glide on the ice… it’s just amazing. I also love hanging out with friends, and now, blogging and staying active on here haha! I hope my tips help and I can’t wait to start sharing posts with you!

Ayesha xo



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